Innovative design and leading edge technology.
Inspired to ensure that all the mileage in your vehicle is captured at all times.
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Easy to set up
Set up in 5 minutes
Discreet design
Unobstructed driving
Worry free recording
Record your whole drive without hassle
Choosing The Right Performance Dashcam Model For You
Everyday Driving
High Performance Driving
Fleet Driving
Model CR65W RX8W RX400W LS370W LS370W+ LS470W LS470W+ Champion SP1
Video Quality
Night Vision
Backup Camera
Track Ready
Date/Time Stamp
Speed Stamp
GPS Location Stamp
Price $99.95 $199.95 $259.95 $189.95 $229.95 $229.95 $269.95 n/a
A Dashcam For Everyone
Regardless what you're behind the wheel of DOD dashcams have been designed with every driver in mind.