Our New Lineup Is Here

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High Definition 1080 Video
Fast 10Hz GPS tracking and logging capturing your drive at all times.
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Unmatched Clear HD Video Quality
Instant Start Up
Instantly begins recording
when ignition is turned on
10Hz GPS Logging Speed
Fast & accurate
uninterrupted tracking
Loop Recording
Never miss a thing with
continuous recording
It's what's on the inside that counts
Advanced Dashcam Technology
Designed and optimized for clearer image quality and faster more accurate GPS tracking and logging speeds.
See The Difference
Instantly see the difference in picture quality. Our Image processor, lens, and higher ISO number are the difference between clear, crisp, and accurate image quality and a blurry video.
Designed For Any Driver
From professional racers to conventional drivers. DOD dashcams are used by all sorts of drivers. For all sorts of reasons.
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A Dashcam For Everyone
Regardless what you're behind the wheel of DOD dashcams have been designed with every driver in mind.