DOD Tech
To be the world’s most innovative and superior dashcam manufacturer that helps all drivers capture the unexpected.
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DOD Tech is a leading innovator and manufacturer of superior full HD dashcam technology. Based in Taiwan, DOD has now extended it’s reach to North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
DOD Tech's brand concept is to provide high quality digital video dashcam recording devices for both business and consumer use. And encourage the use of their superior quality full HD dash cameras as a way to capture the unexpected on the road.
The leadership team at DOD Tech is heavily invested in customer service, research and development and the continuous support of it’s production facilities and distributors world wide. DOD Tech proudly produces all of it’s products in house. From the initial concept, design, assembly, quality control, testing and final packaging and shipping.
With a history of innovation and pioneering milestones in the dashcam industry, DOD Tech continues to be an industry leader in business and consumer dashcam products.