Everyday driving and dashcam technology
You may not already own a dash camera but you have more than likely seen footage from one. The growing trend of in-vehicle camera videos being uploaded to social media networks has increased many peoples interest in what the technology is and how it can be used. From videos capturing unbelievable fraud attempts, horrible parking jobs and unwarranted police tickets and behavior – viral dash camera footage has made one point clear; video evidence provides irrefutable justice for drivers.
A silent witness
Dashcam footage has been helping law enforcement document and identify drivers during traffic violations, accidents and other various types of incidents for many years.

Using a dashcam for the same purposes in your vehicle can add up to big savings in the event of any hit and run or incident that is adjusted by any auto insurance company. Dashcams record discretely and silently on the fly without interruption for hours in a continuous loop, replacing older footage with recent video once the memory card is full. Depending on the install type, a dashcam can even record when the vehicle is turned off using a feature known as “parking mode”; which uses motion sensors to detect any activity near your parked vehicle.
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