Clearer, Crisper, Image Quality
It's What's On The Inside That Counts
Sony Exmor Sensor
WDR Technology
Japanese f/1.6 Lens
Large 2.7" LCD Screen
5Hz GPS Logging
Sony Exmor SensorSony has designed a new series of EXMOR sensors for use in dash cameras.
20% larger than our previous flagship sensor, the new sensor collects more light and greatly reduces noise.
Tailor-made for vehicular use you can expect long lasting performance.
WDR (Advanced Wide Dynamic Range)Captures details more accurately under difficult lighting conditions.
Two exposures settings when recording, combined into one frame.
Japanese f/1.6 LensJapanese-made, 6-element lens with a f/1.6 aperture. 66% larger compared to the competition.
More light, Less Noise.
ISOThe expanded range increases the clarity of fast moving objects at night.
The camera can now capture even more detail under ultra low lighting condition.
Large 2.7" LCD ScreenThe larger screen allows for easier video playback without requiring external devives.
5Hz GPS LoggingUpdates your speed 5 times a second. Better accuracy for GPS logging.
Fast enough to be used on the track.
Seeing is Believing
DOD dashcams let you see more in low light conditions than the leading competition.
Our superior image quality ensures that even the smallest details are never missed.
Day or night.
Image Is Everything
Our entire DOD lineup is designed around the idea that image is everything.
Helping you capture the unexpected on the road is our priority.
No matter what road you are on.
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