DOD Dash Cameras

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  • The new LS370W 1080pHD dashcam with Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor.

  • The DOD LS370W+ is a full HD dash cam with a Sony Exmor CMOS sensor, a 3″ LCD display and a circular polarized filter.

    Out of Stock - Available on backorder: Ships in 1-2 weeks

  • The DOD LS470W is a full HD dash cam with a Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor and a 10x speed GPS processor.

  • The DOD LS470W+ is a full HD dash cam with a Sony Exmor Sensor, a 10x speed GPS processor, a large 3″ screen and a circular polarized filter.

  • The DOD RC500S dual channel full HD 1080P Dash Camera with SONY STARVIS Image sensor, 10Hz GPS logging and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • The DOD RX400W is an advanced rear-view mirror camera. It is a full HD, easy to install, and 1cm thin rear view mirror dash camera with a 4.3” LCD and 10Hz GPS logging.

  • The RX8W is an advanced rear-view mirror dash camera. Now upgraded with better optics, greater range of lens motion and an internal 5Hz GPS. The RX8W is now much thinner at 1 cm and is sure to delight users.

  • Embrace the lifelike and stunning video quality of the DOD LS460W. Featuring a 20% larger Sony Exmor sensor and combines with a Japan-made f/1.6 6-layers glass lens greatly reduces noise, captures more light, and produces clearer video at night.

    The ISO has been boosted to a maximum of 3200 which extends the low light capability and reduces motion blurring under low light conditions.

    The LS460W has a built-in GPS receiver which allows it to automatically synchronize the time and date of your camera with the atomic clock.

  • A Complete Dash Camera
    The LS430W produces lifelike video day or night. An internal GPS can record your location and keeps your time and date synchronized with the atomic clock.

  • Exceptional Low Light Performance
    Be blown away with the video quality in the LS360W. Low light video at night has never been better with the addition of a Sony Exmor Sensor. Have the footage you need under the most challenging of conditions.

    Customized To Your Needs
    Equip the LS360W with the optional GPS if you need to add speed and location tracking. If you don't, leave it out.

  • Customized To Your Needs
    The LS330W is equipped with our most advanced video recoding tech to produce lifelike video day or night. You choose if you need a GPS. Save money if you don't or are unsure, you can always buy it later. Get the external GPS if need a stronger reception.

  • Remains Unnoticed.
    The RX7W+ is a full HD DVR clearly disguised as a rearview mirror. The RX7W+ uses velcro straps to attach to your existing mirror which makes installation simple and compatible with the majority of vehicles on the market. No need to remove your dash camera while you are parked with the RX7W+.