Faster Start Up. Faster Processor. Faster GPS Logging and Tracking.
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The Fastest GPS Tracking and Logging Speed Available
The difference between accurately and approximately positioning your vehicle.
10Hz GPS speed means constant GPS updates.

DOD dashcams ensure that your data is always accurate.
Mapping and Logging Your Speed, Position and More (available on select models)
A 10Hz update rate (ten times per second) means being able to position your vehicle with more detail, accuracy and higher resolution capabilities. Vehicle trailing can be recorded at ten times the resolution, compared with the current standard of 5Hz or less.
• By updating the positions ten times per second, GPS map tracking records more smoothly.

• When driving at higher speeds, vehicle trials are recorded with more detail to ensure an accurate and complete data analysis.

• If ever involved in an accident while driving, the detailed position is recorded with accuracy.

• Vehicle speed is recorded 10 times per second. Keeping up with fast lane professional drivers and allowing fleet managers and supervisors to maintain an accurate view of driving behavior.
Fast and Responsive Technology